Traveling tips
It was seven years ago that I sold everything and was able to travel around the world off the United States. These are hints that you can find on the way.

It started when I flew from Miami to Guatemala City once. When I embarked on a strange travel adventure, I flew up in anxiety and left a lot of my old life all over the world

It was a crazy race and I learned a lot since I left it. In order to celebrate my “travel companion”, I gathered the best handy travel tips to prioritize travel priorities in your life.

Please share the best travel tips at the end!

1. Patience is important
Do not sweat what you can not control. Life is too short, you will not get tired of getting angry all the time. Did you miss the bus? Do not worry, there is another thing. Automatic teller machines? very nice! Let’s make an unexpected journey to the way to the next city. Sometimes freakout also happens.

Remember that you may breathe deeply and get worse.

2. Get up early.
Have the best attractions to you and get up at dawn to avoid the crowd. It is also a magical moment of photography through soft and diffused light, which is usually easy to interact with locals. Volatile area is less dangerous in the morning. Honest and hardworking people get up early. Tags, cheaters, criminals sleep there.

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Traveling tips: Do you laugh?
Fiji parachute

Are you laughing?
You certainly look like a fool when traveling to a new place. Do not be ashamed of you, laugh yourself, do not be afraid to live by mistake, take life seriously.

Once all the buses in Guatemala laughed and stopped our driver, I was able to disinfect in the street. I returned to the bus and laughed with them and gave me new friends for the rest of the trip.

4. Save extra money
Money is the King of the whole world. To cover your butt in an emergency, you need to hide some in another place. I would recommend at least a few hundred dollars. If you lose your wallet, you will be happy if the card stops working or there is an ATM that kept cash.

Some of my favorite spots are sewn on frames of socks, under shoes, toilet bags, backpacks. It is also behind the patch of the bag.

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Hospitality: Meet local people
Meeting with local residents in South Africa

5. Meet local people
It is your mission to avoid other tourists from time to time and start talking with locals. Because basic English spreads all over the world, especially when you combine gestures and body language, communication becomes easier than you think.

Let’s learn from people living in the country you are visiting. People enrich the journey beyond attraction.

6. Take the scarf
I use shemagh from time to time, but the salon also works very well. This simple cotton fabric is one of the most convenient travel accessories among many different practical uses. Ideal for sunscreen, hand towel, belongings, eye mask etc

I can not tell how many times the scarf was practical in any part of the world.

Travel Hint: Look at everyday
Watch daily life in Nicaragua

7. View everyday
If you really want to feel like a place, we recommend to spend several hours in the park and downtown area.

Delay your thought process and pay close attention to the details around you. Odor, color, human interaction and sound. This is a kind of meditation. You can see what you have never seen before.

8. Save everything
When my cell phone was stolen in Panama, most of my important documents and pictures helped my ass. Please bring a digital and physical copy of your passport, visa, driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance card, serial number, important phone number in case of emergency.

Back up files and photos on an external hard drive and back up online with Backblaze and other software.

Travel advice: Take a lot of pictures
Shoot the village in Norway

9. Take a lot of pictures
These places can only be seen once and can meet these people once in their lifetime. I remember her with many pictures forever. Do not worry about looking like “tourists”. Are you traveling to make it look cool? who cares. A wonderful picture is the ultimate memory.

They do not cost anything, they are easy to share with others and do not take up space for their luggage. Remember, once you shoot, please go out behind the lens and enjoy the scenery.

10. There is always a way
There is nothing impossible. If walking or something is difficult to do, do not give up. They simply did not find the best solution or hit the right person. Please do not listen to the story of a person who says it can not be done.

Durability is paid off. I heard advice, try anyway, it is said that what I want is impossible and I can only prove it later.