Traveling tips
Three years later, I sold everything and traveled the world off the United States. These are hints that you can find on the way.

It started when I flew from Miami to Guatemala City once. When I embarked on a strange travel adventure, I flew up in anxiety and left a lot of my old life all over the world

My best travel tips
1. Slowdown
Do not try to pack six countries on a 6 week trip. When you truly have time to explore, all good things will happen. You will learn activities not in your guide and meet people who would like to show it to you.

I can honestly say that none of my best travel experiences happened on the first day of arrival. You can spend a lot of time in less time and enjoy.

2. Leave good grades
My memory of details is shit. I am sorry now because I did not keep a good magazine when I started traveling around the world seven years ago. Information such as the name of the person I met, the conversation I had, the emotions about the new experience, or the smell of a particular city.

If you want to write about your trip, these details are practical. Recently, I am using an amazing Notepad application called Evernote. I will use this as the second brain. From travel planning to subsequent registration it will be useful for all kinds of applications.

My best travel tips
3. Get out of comfort zone
Normally you try the challenge of trying scary things. The more you do, the fainter disappears. Is there no hiker? Please do more hiking. Are you having trouble talking to strangers? Please tell anyone. Are you afraid of interesting food? Eat the most foolish thing you can find.

The reason that the trip is going very well is that everything is very different. What is a new / uncomfortable experience?

4. Do not over-plan
When the reader asks how many days to spend in a specific country or city, I tremble. The truth is that I do not know if you enjoy or meet. I was planning to fly to Nicaragua in 1 or 2 weeks, but I lived there for 4 months.

My advice is to select a starting point, one or two tasks, and an endpoint (or not). Next, the universe will let you decide the rest.

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My best travel tips
5. Pack few items
We do not need half of the equipment planning to travel. We all did it. They are a passage for travelers to improve their luggage reduction. My first backpack was full of 70 liters. My current bag was 38 liters.

As a full-time wanderer, it is my back that I own. If you are unsure whether to pack something, it is not necessary. Once you know what you need, you can also buy most things in your destination country.

6. Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are wonderful. It is like creating your own radio station and filling in the show and music you always want to hear. I did not expect to really look forward to taking a 10 hour bus. But in a podcast (as long as the seat is comfortable) it is possible.

When you listen to incredible stories, funny music and expert interviews, time flies. Here are some of my favorites: this American life, moths, danger! , Radiolab, smart passive income and electro swing.

My best travel tips
7. Handle your body well
A trip can balance your body. When moving from one place to another, maintaining the workout routine is difficult and many people are deprived of it. Or, I can not sleep enough. Or, we eat too much cupcakes. I am guilty that I have not whipped my teeth.

Do not forget something good for your body. Take enough sleep, keep moisture, take health, apply sunscreen, exercise frequently (check out of this scale and do not need a gym). And yes, I also think of dental floss.

8. Keep in touch
Do not forget to call your family and friends from time to time. You can surprise them and you can go to the old school by sending a postcard (it is in the mail, Mama!). It is not just a trip. You always meet with others. However, many of these relationships are temporary. Therefore it is important to keep strong ties with people who know you best.

My best travel tips
9. End the hit track
You should try it anyway. Let’s find interesting and unusual places where you can not see many sightseeing. I have had many memorable travel experiences in areas where visiting is difficult. I will definitely go out to popular attractions, but please do not exclude other places because it is not in sightseeing spots.

Distant places and dangerous places do not necessarily have experience of changing life.

10. Do not forget your travel insurance
Nobody thinks that they got sick, injured, or stolen while traveling. But that happens. I cut my head on the volcano, caught Deng and lost the cell phone to the thief. With travel insurance, there is no need to worry about the theft of large hospital bills and equipment finally.

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