The area of ​​7.93 square kilometers, Sun Moon Lake of Nantou County is Taiwan’s largest freshwater lake.
Where and where is Sun Moon Lake?

A little over two hours by bus from Taichung, there is a majestic blue fog Sun Moon Lake.

Surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, beautiful cycling route, transparent turquoise waters, this place is a sightseeing hotspot.

I am very busy during the weekend, especially on vacation, so please book your accommodation! Please reserve at least several weeks in advance. My girlfriend and I understood the difficult way.

Sunmoon Lake, Best Attraction in Taiwan

How to get to Taichung & Alishan from Lake Sun Moon

Sun Moon Lake is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Taiwan and there are locals as well. You can easily access from Taichung.

You can use 6670 Nantou Bus from Taichung Train Station or HSR. It is NT $ 296 (£ 7.60).

How to get to Taichung from Lake Sun Moon
Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan and is very connected with many neighboring cities. Direct trains depart from Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Before visiting Sun Moon Lake, I spent several days at Alishan landscape area at an altitude of 2,500 meters. There is a direct bus to Sun Moon Lake, and Alisan leaves at 1:00 and 2:00 pm every day.

It is common for Alishan visitors to continue traveling to Sun Moon Lake. That meant that the trip was well organized and simple. For more information on Taiwan’s Alishan Scenic Area please read my guide.

Ultimate guide to Alishan National Scenic Area of ​​Taiwan
Top 5 of Sun Moon Lake

My girlfriend and I visited the majestic lake for three days and the hotel recommended a pass of Sun Moon Lake. When traveling to Taichung and Pulley there are several types of passes that you can earn with considerable discount, including activities at the lake. I really encourage you to get a pass as it saves a lot of money. Our passport contains only $ NT390 (~ £ 10).

Around the lake shore bus ticket around the day
Boat tours (rally, Ito Tao, Xuzuen pillar)
Return by cable car
Master – Elephant One-way coupon bus
These passports can be purchased at Nantou Office or up to seven Eleven. For details of each package, please visit the Nantong bus website. If you have time in a hurry, there are more in some aisles!

1. Ride a bike around the best bike path in the world

This area of ​​Lake Sangmuon was built for cycling. Because it is an awesome and quirky experience, do not miss this! The designated bicycle path covers half of the lake and features an impressive infrastructure for experienced and inexperienced cyclists. Choose a quiet bike path along the 12 km road where you regularly stop. It is easy to see and take pictures excessively. I have to take hundreds of pictures.

Viewpoint of the section of the bicycle path

2. Sun Moon Lake Shuttle

This is how to find a much faster lake! The boat is operated every day from 9 o’clock to 17 o’clock, but it may vary depending on the season. Let’s take a look at the boat’s plane. If you do not choose Sun Moon Lake Pass, you can purchase a boat ticket at all stands near the three pier. If you find this part of the lake you can berth the ship to Shuishe, Syuanguang or Ita Thao Pier and you can return to exactly one. On the boat tour you can watch the following places and visit:

Lalou: This small island in the middle of the lake divides the lake once into a crescent and a round sun. It lived Tao, but it was partially destroyed by the 1930s dam construction and the 1999 earthquake. It is too fragile for tourists to explore, but a beautiful view of the boat.
Ita Thao: Get off at Ita Thao Pier and you can find Tao village of ancient natives. There are lots of restaurants, souvenir shops and relaxing restaurants.
Ita Thao: Sun Moon Lake Shuttle
Ita Thao street food

Pagoda: A tower with a height of 45 meters, located at the height of 954 meters at Chaballan Mountain, was erected to commemorate the mother of the late President Chiang Kai-shek. You can walk to Xu Harbor wharf in this magnificent 9-storey tower and follow the Quinglong Mountain Trail. Unfortunately, part of this road was under construction during my visit, so we could not keep on the road.
Sun Moon Lake Shuttle
3. Sun Moon Lake Funicular Car

The cable car was an unforgettable part of the trip. It is 6.8 minutes from Sun Moon Lake Resort (south east of the lake and north side of the Ita Thao community), leading to Formosa’s Aboriginal Cultural Village, passengers can see the lake from the perspective birds.

I encourage everyone to take the cable car to the top for the wonderful view of the lake, it was a lot of fun! Tickets can be purchased separately as a package at F.A.C.V. Sunmoon Lake Pass theme park or package. For details of schedule and fee, please visit the website.

Sun Moon Lake Funicular
The cable car is spreading in 2 mountains by 1877 m!

Sun Moon Lake Funicular

4. Wen Jiabao

Wen Wu Temple was built from the ruins of two temples in 1938, rebuilt in 1969 and its scale expanded. The Mammoth Temple is on the northern shore of Lake Sun Moon. In order to come here you can catch the bus around the lake. The lake runs all day.

Wu Wen was one of my favorite temples in Taiwan due to the view of the adjacent garden and the lake from the rooftop.

Wenwu Temple overlooking Sun Moon Lake.

5. Start the festival

There are several important events that took place in the lake during that year:

January / February: Lunar New Year
February / March: Aboriginal cherry blossom festival
March / April: Bicycle Free Tour and Valley Hop Appreciation September – 10,000 people Sun Moon Lake Traverse (10,000 people swim over 3 km and swim in the lake!)
October / November: Saint-Moon-Lake Festival, or “Saint-Moon-Lake International Fire Works Music Festival and Bike Day Festival”
Do not forget to book accommodation a couple weeks ago!

Have fun!

My trip to Lake Sun Moon was a welcome change from a contaminated area at the busy time on the west coast of Taiwan. It is a beautiful area of ​​many activities to offer. Cycling around the lake was a fun adventure. The public can easily suppress their mood and I think that they are very busy in popular seasonal events. However, if you go to Taiwan, you will not miss a breathtaking place.