The travel and tourism industry contributes more than $ 2 trillion to the global economy every year. That is 9% of GDP! Let’s say that all this wealth has been paid to a company with social responsibility giving something to the community we visit.

It is like sharing a trip, bringing money from one country and supporting another country. Simply by doing what you love, you can strengthen small communities around the world.

There are seven simple ways to help community travel:

1. Eat somewhere in the district

By eating at small restaurants, cafes and stands, money will flow directly to the surrounding community. You will also gain true insight about local cuisine and its way of eating.

I like to find small holes in the walls where the owner may provide food so that they serve their families.

7 Easy Ways You can help the community during travel
Eat a popular Laksa cuisine in Singapore 24 hours food market

Avoid the comfort of Starbucks or McDonald’s when you next trip. Do not waste your time on the food you can eat at home!

7 Easy Ways You can help the community during travel
Thai street food.

Please try different things

Second local company

Just as you eat locally, you can avoid large chains and supermarkets, not only get real experience but also help small and medium enterprises to contribute to the development of the region.

When reserving transportation with major companies like airlines, please save as much as possible. But when you arrive, do not forget to pay reasonable prices to local sellers, do not overdo it with a shout! Storing some pennies here probably will not make a big difference across the trip, but it could lead to the life of the trading person.

3. Live like a local

The hotel is attractive and does not mean I have not succumbed to temptation in the past. However, if you forget convenience and convenience, your host family may be fun all the time.

Can you make a better genuine experience at a local B & B than a family bungalow? You do not find truth in your isolated park where you are closest to the pool Margarita.

Koh Tao, Thailand
Family bungalow I was on Koh Tao.

Support social reasons

I like the idea of ​​booking what to book normally, but I will make a reservation with the amount spent to support big concern. If you are a socially responsible company such as or, you can do it!

Please vote for a better world by assigning a travel budget to a company with social responsibility.

Just like traveling, you can empower small communities by supporting local companies and social concerns.

Give you what you do not need

If you have extra money on vacation, you probably will buy some extra stuff. I always buy unique shirts in small shops when I am abroad. Things that you can not find at home. I will pass one or two T – shirts to a charity store, collection point of clothing items, or a friend I see there.

It is better to do this than to accumulate many things you do not need at home. Or, at least, to protect your back from the burden of extra baggage when traveling. When purchasing a new one, please exchange it for old one. Someone knows, perhaps someone likes what you do not already have.

6. Minimize your impact

Be beautiful after you! Please bring reusable bags. Please collect the garbage on the beach and throw it to the trash can. Become a travel ninja and do not leave a sign.

And please, leave only wild animals. Children’s zoo is not going well! We will do your research and we will quickly search to find huge amounts of stress these animals are happily receiving on Google.

Do not forget that you are a guest. Help the community you visit and return more than you take!

7. Return microfinance

If you want more assistance please join my credit team to help entrepreneurs in developing countries. You can also purchase one of the traveling electronic guides, 100% money will be sent to poor entrepreneurs who can use the funds to better support their families and communities. I also cover the cost of PayPal!