It is an island country half the size of Los Angeles, only 88 miles from the equator. Singapore was established as a British commercial colony in 1819 and joined the Malaysia federation in 1963, but after independence it became independent two years later. Lion City later became a global financial center in the tropical climate that welcomes the many people who cover the multicultural hometown of London.

2017 Singapore is far away from yesterday’s asymptomatic stereotype and is one of the best places for foreigners in Asia. Despite high living expenses compared with neighbors and other parts of the world. Singapore is definitely somewhere I want to live and work.

Here are my experiences, hobbies, and a quick guide to the city as a travel entrepreneur who works with friends on 5 footway.inn Project Boat Quay.

5 footway.inn Boat dock project

A cultural and social exploration vessel in the center of Singapore. Please work in a comfortable and common area and relax.


Fast, free, reliable WiFi is available throughout the hostel.

What’s around?

In the historic dock above a busy street where bars and restaurants are not surprising, it is a bit noisy at night. The boat / key project is located in the center of Singapore, just above the Singapore River.

Just 4-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT

It is a 30-minute walk from Marina Bay Sands, or 8 minutes by taxi, 20 minutes by bus. Add another 5 minutes to Gardens by Bay.

12-minute walk to Telok Ayer Market (YUM) 24 hours


Free maps, brochures and guides are available at the front desk and you can access 3 iMacs. I inspected the 24-hour front desk a couple of times for advice during my stay and they were very helpful. Give enough time to relax before generous checkout at noon, fall asleep or start running again!

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
Bonus points for free use of iMac in the reception area!


Project Boat Quay was built for social travelers with many public areas. Also made a hostel for travelers with positive side effects working! If you have an infinite amount of various rooms, ambient lighting, comfortable chairs, accessible power outlets, free coffee, there are many places where you can check your work at the hostel! Personally, it was easy to read e-mail on the terrace overlooking the Singapore River.


Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast on the common terrace with spectacular views of the Singapore River. Available from 7:30 AM to 10 AM.

Book directly at 5footway.inn and enjoy a 10% discount with my exclusive promotional code “TTB10”. Please send an e-mail to to make a reservation. It is valid until October 2017.

Get direct information from Facebook and Instagram’s 5 footway.inn team.

About Singapore for business travelers

There are various entertainment, culture, restaurants and shops in Singapore! Below is a summary of 8 favorite things to do in Singapore while staying at 5 footway.inn.

1. Eat at the 24 hour Hawker Center

Food is one of the most discussed aspects of Singapore. Influence from neighboring Malaysia, China, India. Be sure to visit your local Hawker Center, such as the famous and historic Telok Ayer Market.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
Fuck! I had to eat the first laksa in Singapore.

2. Haji Lane wandering around at Kampong · gram

Retro atmosphere with elegant cafe from Middle East and colorful shops.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
Third visit to Sultan Mosque

It is a symbolic place to outline the Singaporean Muslim Community. You can go to the mosque, do not forget to wear respectful clothes. But do not worry too much, friendly staff will provide you a bathrobe.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
4. Little India Snacks, Attractions, Temples

Singapore proudly presents another thing and its diversity at its cultural center. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, please come and have some delicious food from all over India.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
5. Supertree Grove (Garden of the Bay)

Super Tree Grove is a futuristic example of Singapore and can feed wildlife in our city. I saw a revolutionary botanical garden of the BBC’s Planet Earth II, so I was anxious to visit them.

Over 162,900 plants, including over 200 plants, were planted in 18 super trees. There are things like three double decker buses!

6. Cloud Forest (Garden of the Bay)

The excursion to the garden of the bay is not complete unless it enters the cloud forest. It was beautiful and informative, provided information on climate change, and a glimpse into the future where people can coexist with nature. It is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
7. Super Tree Grove Light Show (Bay Garden)

When leaving the garden from the bay, you can see a romantic light at 19:45. But please be careful with a lot of people who meet the same idea.

5 footway.inn Singapore Travel Agency Guide
8. Light and water are “Wonder Full”

If you do not spend so much time with Super Trees, you can experience this wonderful show when you return to downtown at 20 o’clock. It is just outside the main exit of Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center.

Project Boat Quay ‘s friendly team opened eyes to the unique Asian side that I had never seen before. A busy business center, a robust Wi-Fi, a convenient workstation, and a world in which many fun and nature are in perfect harmony. Among other things, I enjoyed their future prospects for sustainability. It was also a refreshing and easy experience compared with other Southeast Asian countries. A town suitable for patrolling entrepreneurs like me.

For the faithful reader of my blog, you are reading a lot of messages about how to make money on traveling and blogging. Unlike other travel blogs, I do not talk where I live and I am actually working. In this new series you can better understand the nomadic lifestyle and imagine what you are doing.

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