How can you support your local community before you get out while you are there.
I stop working in 2014, travel around the world and earn money online. During my trip, I always took some habit to make sure I enjoyed my adventure!

Regardless of whether you decide to travel alone, as a group, or a couple, there are a few things you need to do here during the trip.

Before you leave

You know I sometimes “Burn the card! But a little plan and study for your next adventure is distant.

First of all, it can save you money and let you know how much to spend things. Secondly, I will do some research to find out what is happening during your stay, what day and month you are in.

There are three things to do before you go:

1. Check local festivals and holidays

My favorite part of traveling is to immerse in foreign cultures. Before planning a trip, I always check what festivals and events are happening, I will not miss it. When I was in Barcelona, ​​I went to see the 5 day LaMercè Festival dedicated to the boss of Barcelona. The streets are full of street music, parades, traffic signals (collect), popular human towers!

Collect in Barcelona’s LaMercèFestival
The goal was to jump off the fireworks. It is safer than it looks.

MercèCastellers in Barcelona!
MercèCastellers in Barcelona! Probably not so sure, but certainly very interesting.

When I was in Taiwan, I was there in the Lunar New Year. It was an exciting and cultural experience to see almost every part of Taiwan in lantern and paint in red and gold. I was able to experience the essence of China New Year in Asia.

Wen Jiabaji, Sun Moon Lake
Wen Wu Temple overlooking Sun Moon Lake during Chinese New Year!

Make sure you miss the magical moment! Enjoy the time you spend there, such as street parties, holidays, parties.

However, if the budget is limited, holidays can be avoided. Hotel, flight, fare may take more than usual due to high demand.

2. Check the weather in the season

The season is different all over the world. And like your country, the weather is like what activity is going on, how far the site is going sightseeing, where the place is open or closed, and how much you generally display and do when you are there You can decide.

You can grasp the details of the visit by sending the climate of the country you visited and the last year’s folder to Google and downloading the weather application to your smartphone.

3. Read the travel blog!

Travel blogs are a great way to learn deep personal experiences.

Reading blog posts gives you information on where to go, what to see, traffic hints (local time in most cases), what to eat. All in one place.

When you read various perspectives of a country, whatever type of traveler you can decide what you like when you get there. Of course, travel is a unique experience that anyone can enjoy, so please make your own itinerary with each story as a guide!

Travel tips on this travel blog

While you are there

You have arrived! If you are here now you will want to make the most of your trip. A good rule is to aim for authenticity. Avoid what you can do at home and deeply immerse yourself in the culture.

There are five things you should do while you are there:

4. Stay in several places

Given the difference between your home and origin, there are not two identical areas. For this reason, we can not say that we saw the whole country if we saw only a part of it. No matter where I was, I will tell you another story for an hour in any direction. Different crowd, different architecture, different culture etc.

When I was in Thailand, South provided opportunities for diving with beautiful islands, but the north talked about the jungle and the mountains. In Spain, we traveled from the Catalonia region of Barcelona to the southern Andalusia region of Spain. The food was different, the climate was different, surprisingly the words were also great! Attractive history and various landscapes have shown to me how important it is to absorb as many countries (or neighboring countries) as possible, leaving not only your money but also your experience It was.

Koh Tao, Thailand
Staying at Koh Tao bungalow is quite different from the city of Bangkok!

5. Make friends with locals

Talking to local people is the best way to make a better connection with the country. Learning expressions like “Thank you” and “Hello” are a polite way to show people are interested in their culture. If you are friendly and ready to honor your customs, you can see that a little effort is needed.

There are quotes like James A. Michaeln. I am okay.

“If you refuse food, ignore customs, fear religion, avoid people, you must stay home.”

8 things you need to travel everything
Dogs are also locals.

“What to do every time I travel” 5.a. Pet is a cute dog.

Bologna’s pride
I show my support for Bologna Pride.

When I remember the words and phrases of the trip, I use it at home when I meet people in this area. This makes you smile and makes you look like a rich man!

6. Use public transport

Since I do not have a driver’s license, I usually use public transport. I was able to drive but I think it is one of the best ways to travel abroad. Finding languages, schedules and tickets is a difficult experience, but basically it is essence of travel.

I realized that I misunderstood that I knew where I should go and explain it to someone is an unforgettable experience! You certainly will not only gain knowledge about the region and travel methods but will encourage you to talk to locals. I also think that it is a good way to know how much it costs.

My advice is to see Google Maps, but I do not rely on it. Let’s seek help from people and see where they are going!

8 things you need to travel everything
Learn the coach at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.

7. Traveling (holiday holidays)

This is my favorite moment. My girlfriend and I are always looking for an opportunity to go on vacation. After that, after planning a trip to a specific country, I will go back to work after going to a fun weekend or another week.

Due to the nature of work, we usually reserve a long stay. If you need a little adventure, visit the island, go to mountains and caves, reserve nearby places! It certainly brings some excitement to the trip when you are there for a long time, but also guarantees you to make the most of it before you leave.

8. Capture memories

Needless to say, always catch at least some memories with pictures and videos! Especially for you, traveling bloggers, photos, videos are as important as writing than blogging.

That said it was very addictive to take pictures and videos. As a travel blogger, it is important to present the concrete places as much as possible from my point of view. But do not spend all your time watching your life through your lens. Take your time and live it with your eyes!

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