I’d like to look back on twenty years later. I am not only impressed with the opinions I have seen but I am proud of my influence on the world.

Unfortunately, long-term travel and productivity do not necessarily match. Motivation and creativity will lead to positive travel success. However, with regard to productivity, we need to learn to concentrate on a constantly changing environment.

At first it is not easy. I learned a few things off the work place, so I continued for four years. I will share it with you on this blog.

Create your routine from Monday to Friday

Everyday! But is not it the word we refuse? Yes, No

Madness-like routines that can truly help you when you travel. This may involve something when you happen at a reasonable time (what I can not actually do). Take the train in front of the e – mail in the morning. Or, take a shower and prepare to go to work (I can do it).

To get the most out of routines, you need to prioritize the power of your brain and adjust to autopilot for low level tasks.

Maintaining productivity is important, but finding a place for lunch will save you valuable time and energy if you suffer from work projects. Let’s find your favorite cafe frequently in the vicinity of your office a week.

To maintain consistency

In a world of ruthless competition, consistency and resolution can break the skill.

Growing, I suffered from the love of writing. I had dyslexia and I was always in trouble at school because I could not write enough on paper to be consistent with creative thinking in my head. I knew what it meant, but I could not write it on paper. I can switch to computer keyboard and document management software. I can write efficiently in a much easier way to correct mistakes.

I never imagined that an English teacher would embrace me after class. I had some blogs and I wrote it every day.

I have never pursued my dream though I have not proven my ability, so I was able to achieve it. Please remember. Do not forget to go every day.

“The dream of death is the day to stop believing in the work you need to get there.” – Chris Burkmenn

Wireless broadband

Seriously, this is probably the most important point. Ask before you reserve whether your property has high speed Wi-Fi. I especially asked about Mbps. If you ask politely, they do not care and those who provide high-end business travel services will understand.

I have been caught many times to make points before I make a reservation somewhere. Or at least get a confirmation by reading a positive review.

Certainly, this may be a little fun. In distant areas, I miss regularly for as long as I want. Sometimes I want to take a week off and travel as a regular person. But in my company, I need to be 52 weeks a year.

Likewise, look for the best SIM card and please purchase on arrival. I just paid Korean unlimited data SIM card for 30 days for 30 days. Dear, but it is worth it. I like people who have less money than more stress.

Air Blob Apartments

I enjoy going slowly. In other words, it is in the same place from two weeks to six months at a time. When I stay in a new city or a new country for more than two weeks, I feel local feelings of this place. I start shopping at supermarkets, use public transport, drink at local bars, meet friends, and experience outside of typical sightseeing routes.

The airblub apartment is ideal for nomad entrepreneurs moving slowly. They offer huge weekly and monthly discounts. In other words, you can get a luxurious one-bedroom apartment with the same price as most budget hotels in the area.

One of the advantages of staying in an apartment rather than a hotel or hostel is that you can settle down and have your own work place. Many apartments have a desk and self-catering is possible. I am enjoying the opportunity to work from home with my personal WiFi connection from time to time.

Let’s get £ 25 from your first Airbnb trip!
If you like to live in the hostel it is also wonderful! You probably have better social experience than I do. I do not teach good things or bad things. That is the way I discovered that I am the most productive.

Rent VA (Virtual Assistant)

You need to know when to delegate to the entire business.

I have worked with several virtual assistants in the past, but most of them are flexible. I am talking to someone who is currently helping me plan my trip. It takes a lot of time to concentrate more on your work.

If travel bloggers are checking hotels, there are many VISAs specializing in contacting and negotiating with hotels.

Plan in advance

I plan to fly to Japan tomorrow, but this deadline is at the end of this week.

Charge the laptop, upload the document offline, and work over 35,000 feet.

While I was on a train or airplane I found my best written work.

This includes investigating the city before you arrive and make sure you are ready to take the basics on arrival.

Know when you are having fun

Productivity also means doing better work by caring for yourself. Not only physically but also mentally.

If you are sitting in the same room for 16 hours a day, you can not claim yourself in the long run. Believe me, I tried it.

If you need it, take a good break, take a walk, or have lunch with a friend. Your brain will reward you later.

This is even more true for online entrepreneurs and bloggers working at home. Returning to my life, I always try to go out and explore. Pictures can do something outside the scope of my computer screen.